Virtual Balloon Race across the Sahara

PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN – Its only £3 and you could win £500! Our little autism charity has been struggling to raise money, as Covid-19 has led to us cancelling all of our usual fundraising activities. However, we have found a fun new way to raise money virtually and would be extremely grateful if you would take a look.

Help us to continue to support autistic children by purchasing a balloon (£3) in a virtual race across the Sahara, starting in Timbuktu! It’s a seven-day computer simulation race where everything is real except the balloon. The software uses current live weather data to determine the progress of each virtual balloon and each entry can be tracked on Google Maps and Satellites once launched.
You can buy a virtual balloon for £3 and give it a name, colour, shape and pattern. In addition to this, you can select different features of your balloon, such as helium content, which will determine its flight performance in order to enhance your chances of winning the **£500 cash prize**. It has no negative environmental impact on birds, animals, climate change, plastic waste or litter. So, it’s a safe, fun and easy way to raise funds, loved by kids and adults alike.
The link to our page is here: